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We develop new machine solutions by thinking smart and thinking differently.
We develop new machine solutions by thinking smart and thinking differently.


We are a turnkey machine supplier with products ranging from technology innovation to full-scale production equipment, ready for 24/7 production. Our team has wide-ranging development, design, testing and production expertise and it always provides smart mechanical solutions with promised results to meet our customer’s specific needs or wishes.

Our way of working is split into four areas.

Graniten as product owner: we provide turnkey development projects from initial idea to start of production, or even an existing machine solution that is already in our range of equipment.

The customer as market owner: we provide tailor-made machine solutions to specific customers where the machine is a part of our customer’s product line and market offer.

The customer as product owner: we provide our total project commitment from initial idea to finished product. The customer is ultimately the final product owner.

Service & Support (maintenance and support of all equipment): this area covers all three of the above areas, with complete 24/7 coverage and spare parts supply.



Our employees are our strength

Graniten has been an employee-owned company since 2002. We are all pleased with this because our company is primarily based on our employees’ skill-sets. Our employees’ creativity emanates from their curiosity and motivation to create new solutions. In turn, this motivates us to do an even better job.

We have a flat organizational structure, with short lines of communication, and our level of dedication is much greater than in a traditional type of organisation. We believe in democratic management where employees’ willingness to take responsibility enhances our dedication and creativity. This makes our company efficient and competitive and gives us a unique ability to find smart solutions to complex problems.


We have been certified to ISO 9001 since 2006. The certification means we guarantee to take a systematic approach to quality and improvements, thus ensuring the quality of our products and services. As a customer, this means you can be rest assured regarding the high quality of our internal workflows, relationships with customers and the products and services we provide. 

We help companies achieve faster, more streamlined production flows.

Read more about our history


Our journey to becoming Europe’s premier developer of machine solutions began 1992, amid a raging financial crisis. Companies were shutting down left, right and centre, but this did not stop a new kind of high-tech company from seeing the light of day. Three colleagues strongly committed to resolving difficult technical problems joined forces to form the high-tech company Graniten.


An important part of Graniten’s business concept was to have both a design unit and our own workshop production process under one roof. The gamble paid off, and we grew rapidly in the mid-1990s. In 1997 we were bought out by Knight, with a head office in Karlstad. After a few successful years of rewarding cooperation, we became a subsidiary of the large company WM-data in the late 1990s.

In the meantime, the company ABB had evolved into one of our biggest customers, which resulted in ABB buying the assets and liabilities of Graniten from WM-data. Graniten became ABB’s “Centre of Excellence” in the field of robotic applications for the food and pharmaceutical industries. The company soon doubled in size to about 60 employees, with a turnover of SEK 90 million, but unfortunately this came at the expense of prospective customers outside the ABB sphere.


In 2002, several exciting things happened for Graniten. The management decided to buy back the Graniten brand from WM-data, and simply restarted the company. At the same time, we became wholly employee-owned. This decision resulted in shorter decision-making pathways and greater empowerment, which in turn generated success in a number of new industries.


Since our start-up, we’ve been running one of Sweden’s most innovative engineering companies in the field of machine development. The only thing that never changed over time was our business concept: always provide smarter machine solutions focused on performance and results. Together with the fundamental idea and mission of continuously building up a uniquely diverse staff, who are capable of establishing long-term relationships with both customers and partners.

We currently have about 50 employees divided between our offices in Uddevalla and Malmö, Sweden. Our customers are located all over Europe, and our turnover in 2017 exceeded SEK 100 million.

“I´m proud working with state of the art technology “
Lars Krewer
“I go to work knowing that I make a difference “
Dan Engsfelt
“It’s fun to be a part of a company that challenge your knowledge every day “
Fredrik Myllykangas
“Working as a part owner means a lot to me “
Anders Johansson